Jenny Garrison ~ Inner Discoveries


The book, "Imagery In You...Mining For Treasure In Your Inner World"

This book is the heart of my work with imagery. It is a clear and easy guide and resource for you.... a doorway for your own imagery. Order through any links below, at any major bookseller, or contact me (use contact tab) and I'll send you a signed copy (16.95+$3 s&h) "Jenny Garrison has written a fine book on Inner Work, stronger and more readable for her feminine insight and wisdom." Robert A Johnson, D. Hum. , (best selling author of "Living Your Unlived Life...", "Inner Gold..."We:Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love", and others). "Jenny Garrison, mother of two beautiful daughters, is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Sincere, courageous, caring, creative. In her book, Imagery In You: Mining for treasure in your inner world, she has provided one of the most thorough introductions for entry into the imagination, this too long neglected dimension of deep knowing, wisdom, and healing that is the birthright of every human being. Clear, concise, beautifully written, this book should be in everyone’s library." Eligio Stephen Gallegos, PhD

Audio CD, "Gentle Yoga With Jenny Garrison"

Here is a gentle and complete yoga practice on audio CD. The focus is inward, with attention to inner rhythms...and yet the practice moves along nicely with clear instruction and nice flow. This is a practice you can take with you wherever you go, and one you will return to time and time again. Want to hear it? Click the "listen" tab above. Want to own it? Click on any of the links below!


"Innere Bilder" is the german edition of Imagery In You.   It is published Fall of 2015 by Neue Erde Press and available NOW where books are sold!

Private Sessions

Totem Animal Imagery Sessions 80$

Chakra Sessions, with assessment and imagery 80$

Past Life regressions, approx. 90 min. 120$

sessions can be scheduled by phone or in person at Breathing Space Studio, 91 Main St. Wellsboro PA 16901

Please call to talk and schedule your session 570-439-2951

Workshops and Group Gatherings

Any combination of gentle yoga, Deep Imagery, past life regression, meditation, or tools for inner discovery can be offered to groups of any size. Contact Jenny for details.