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Jenny Garrison: Listen

Listen to an excerpt from "Imagery In You"

(Jenny Garrison)

Listen to Jenny's message, Cassadaga 4-21-13

(Jenny Garrison)
April 21, 2013
Recorded live at Cassadaga Spiritualist Church, Cassadaga FLA

Listen to Jenny's message Cassadaga April 27, 2014

(Jenny Garrison)
April 27, 2014

This message was recorded live at Colby Temple during Sunday service.

Interview on "Fresh Start with Sallie Felton", recorded live on Contact Talk Radio, discussing deep imagery and "Imagery In You."

The following tracks are from my CD, "Gentle Yoga With Jenny Garrison. Yoga is a beautiful, integrative practice. Listen to the full Introduction, the final Relaxation, and short clips of the other tracks. Relax and enjoy.

(Jenny Garrison)



Warm Ups


Relaxation (Shavasan)