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Jenny Garrison: Bio



Jenny Garrison is the author of Imagery In You. She is a registered nurse and Kripalu style yoga instructor who has been immersed in the study and practice of imagery since 1991. She teaches imagery as a pathway to deepen spiritual and earthly experience through opening and looking with the eyes of the heart.

She holds certifications with the International Institute for Visualization Research and the Academy for Guided Imagery, Kripalu Yoga Instruction, and Nischala Devi's "Yoga of the Heart". Jenny lives and works in northern Pennsylvania. She is available as an imagery consultant, workshop leader, and lecturer, offering presentations that instruct and allow participants to experience deep imagery. Gentle yoga can be incorporated into her presentations upon request. Imagery experiences can be adapted to meet the needs of any group. "Jenny Garrison is all HEART. She emits a compassion that is palatable throughout her presentation and the imagery she does: well, gosh,oh gee, and OH MY!! Be prepared. You will be transported to such a peaceful, joyful place. But I have one complaint: I WANT MORE!!!" Jann Fredrickson Ramus, MSW, MA, LICSW