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Jenny Garrison: Home

Imageryinyou is a site dedicated to inner world discovery through the practice of deep imagery. The ability to journey within is the natural gift that allows you to engage your sacred imagination. Everyone has the innate ability to call forth images from inside that can teach, guide, and awaken your human understanding of who you are as you come to know your deepest truth. "Imagery In You... Mining For Treasure In Your Inner World" is the first book I have written on imagery. It can be used as your personal imagery companion. It teaches imagery simply and clearly. The book is your guide. This site is a place where you can come for information, inspiration, and support as you grow in understanding of your inner being through the practice of imagery. I hope you enjoy this site and find it fruitful! Imagery is a profound tool for healing. The book or an imagery workshop/retreat can help you to use imagery in your healing practice or for personal healing and growth. I hope you read the book and share it with others. I will donate copies to libraries and other places where the work might be helpful. If you are inspired, invite me to your town to give a workshop. Help to seed this good work! Love and Blessings, Jenny Garrison

 "People are like stained
glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the
darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light
from within."  Elizabeth Kubler-Ross